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Charles A. Richardson has for nearly half a century been a recording engineer in the mid-Atlantic region, and for more than thirty years he has been a member of AES, SMPTE and ARSC. He was an invited speaker for the AES New York section's program on tape problems, and made a presentation to the ARSC National Convention on tape issues. AES Preprint 6969 has published his research on Sticky Shed Syndrome as it effects magnetic tape.

His experience ranges from working with architects as a audio consultant, designing and installing sound equipment for homes and businesses, improving by modification the performance of recording equipment, remastering the autobiographical recordings of Jazz Guitarist Charlie Byrd for the Peabody Institute, to being the recording engineer for various titles on Crystal Records, Sony Records, American Heritage Records, Composers Recordings (CRI) and others.

Charlie is a specialist in "On Location" recording using classic microphone techniques, many of which he has either developed or refined far beyond normal performance capabilities. He has qualified as a field recordist for the National Geographic. He has produced the 50th Anniversary retrospective recording for the National Symphony Orchastra and WGMS radio. His recordings of classical and U.S. Naval Academy music, which span formats from vinyl to HDCDs and DVDs, are highly regarded for their audiophile qualities.

Gannet Newspapers did a survey of the best audiophile recordings and placed two of his recordings in the "Top Ten" titles. The sound quality of his recordings have received very favorable critiques in various music and audiophile publications. He has provided sound tracks for the movies "Crimson Tide" by Disney Studios and "Proud" by Castle Hill. Known as an unusually resourceful engineer and an inveterate tinkerer, Charlie has independently investigated the "Sticky Shed Syndrome" problem.

He has discovered the conditions and processes which cause magnetic tapes to develop Sticky Shed Syndrome. His discoveries led him to invent a new process which safely removes and eliminates sticky shed debris from magnetic audio and video tapes. An independent chemical laboratory has verified his discoveries and confirmed that his restoration process is safe and effective.

The U. S. Patent Office, recognizing that his restoration process is new, original and effective, has issued a patent. His Rezerex process, unlike baking or various oxide chemical treatments, safely restores tapes so that they may played back repeatedly, at any time without further processing or problems, and with high levels of sonic, magnetic and mechanical performance each time. 

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