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From The Capital Newspaper

"Preserving historic recordings a labor of love for Annapolis man"
Published June 29, 2008

Charles Richardson was born with really poor eyesight, but blessed with great hearing. And he's used that gift to become an expert on live recordings, tape restoration and sound quality.

For decades, Mr. Richardson has toted his equipment to performances at the Naval Academy and other locales, carefully positioning microphones and setting levels to capture singers and musicians at their best.

Dr. John Barry Talley, the academy's former music director, still remembers the day 37 years ago when Mr. Richardson asked if he could tape the chapel choir. When Mr. Richardson played the recording for him later, Dr. Talley was blown away.

"You really felt like you were there," he said. "You really felt like you were in the chapel. I've never heard anything to approach that level of acoustic accuracy. I know of no one who works harder to make himself vanish to leave nothing between the listener and performer. He succeeds like no one else."

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Photo Credit: Joshua McKerrow — The Capital
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